Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Green energy equals job growth

In the United Kingdom alone, over 34,000 people have green energy to thank for a roof over their heads and food on the table. That number has increased by nearly 75% since 2010 when RenewableUK, a leading non-profit renewable energy trade association, conducted a study into employment in the wind, wave and tidal power industries.

When it comes to green energy, people are employed in a variety of different ways. From planning and development, to construction and installation, to maintenance, manufacturing, and support services, one thing’s for certain – green energy equals jobs.

The study revealed that 91% of people employed in the sector were citizens of the UK, while 1/5th were women.

Small businesses play a pivotal role in the sector as well, with 80% of all businesses in the wind, wave and tidal industries employing less than 250 people, and more than half of those employing fewer than 25.

According to RenewableUK, the government could create more than 70,000 jobs in the next decade with the right funding and public support.

"Today's report clearly demonstrates how the wind, wave and tidal industries are creating jobs and growth for the economy,” says Maria McCaffery, CEO of RenewableUK. "There are tens of thousands of people employed in skilled jobs the length and breadth of the country building a world-leading industry in the UK and providing clean, reliable energy. Our wind, wave and tidal industries could employ more than 70,000 people over the next decade. The offshore wind sector alone could be employing nearly 45,000 workers in the 2020s. As an industry we are truly creating jobs out of fresh air."

However, in some scenarios, the report projects that offshore wind, without the support of additional alternative energy sources, could actually widen the unemployment gap.

"To really harness the economic benefits of our technologies, we must ensure that there is certainty for industry,” McCaffery continues. "Certainty on future levels of deployment of wind, wave and tidal energy over the next decade will enable firms to invest in the right people and the right skills, and ensure we maximize the number of green collar jobs we create as we transform our electricity system.”

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