Monday, July 22, 2013

Preserve nature or clean up energy: do we really have to choose?

Some cities are being forced to choose between their gorgeous, all-natural views, and a new green energy infrastructure. Santa Rosa and Sonoma in California, U.S.A. are two such cities.

Advocates of green energy call it “reinvesting in the community,” and yes, while boasting clean energy independence would be quite a feat, is it worth the price of admission? Is it worth cutting down forests? Blanketing farmlands? Blotting out skylines?

In Sonoma, a 20-megawatt, 50-acre, $100 million solar-panel system is currently in development. At best, the farm would provide for 10,000 local homes. Only 10,000! At that size, where are we expecting to build future solar farms? On top of one another?

Eventually, our nations will become nothing but ice rinks of black glassy solar panels!

City planners in Sonoma are considering changing zoning regulations to open up thousands of acres of green pastures for green energy projects, including a 23-acre solar farm on 130 acres of grazing pasture just outside of Petaluma. Residents are obviously up in arms about the vote, but unfortunately, have little influence over the outcome.

This tradeoff – nature for technology – is far from breaking news. From fracking to giant wind turbines, ocean drilling to nuclear plants, we’ve been sacrificing our environment for improved fuel-efficiency for decades now. We want lower prices. Convenience. And we’re willing to give just about anything to get it…

NRGLab is hoping to put a stop to all this with the one-of-a-kind SH-Box. It’s carbon-free, low cost, and even portable! So whether you’re at home, stuck at work, or on the go – you can experience energy independence without destroying the environment.

Think of how many great works of art we would have missed out on! Instead of Van Goh’s landscapes of the French countryside of farmhouses and fields, we’d be admiring a black rectangular solar panel.

Doesn’t quite compare, does it?

So for the sake of the future of art and the environment, help fight urban sprawling. End the tyrannical reigns of solar and wind. Usher in the dawn of truly renewable, reliable energy with the SH-Box. Visit for more information.

Truly yours,
Ana Shell

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