Monday, July 22, 2013

DJ Contest. $200 Grand Prize

The territory of "Shell" is full of treasures, and in the hearts of each of its members resides love, conviction, and faith in family. "Shell" is a territory full of hopes and dreams for a bright future; it’s like vision, creativity, and all of the other God-given gifts of nature; it’s devotion to country, culture, and religion; it’s a friendship and brotherhood of its members, intolerant of racial and religious persecution, injustice and dishonesty. As Roman Philosopher Seneca once said: "We should strive not to live a pleasurable life, but to live the right one.”

Members of the territory of "Shell" clearly understand the importance of its formation and are free to choose the extent of their involvement. Each member agrees to behave honestly, simply, and modestly, and to act honestly and morally. He or she is confident that the reason for the territory of "Shell’s" formation is the disappearance of the phenomenon known as Globalization, both in terms of material trade and spiritual culture.
The aim of the members of the territory is to consistently educate others on the current economic crisis, and that it stems from liberal “Western” dogmas that constitute the basis of our modern socio-economic environment. Each member firmly understands that if we do not protect traditional values the world will delve into total depravity. Moreover, if we do not fill the ideological vacuum with something constructive, it will be consumed by itself, or quite possibly be filled by extremely destructive and dangerous ideas for the future. Like it says in the Gospel of Matthew: "A bad tree cannot bare good fruit.”
The territory of "Shell" is proud to announce a new DJ remix contest for Ana Shell’s hit song “Killers.” The contest supports the creative initiatives of territory members - from big cities all the way to small villages. Hopefully, this contest will stimulate territory members to begin exchanging ideas on energy, the environment, and how we can ensure a better future for all . Remember - you can never have too much creative thinking. For more information, visit 
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