Monday, June 24, 2013

A few simple tips to big energy savings!

You could be saving as much as 85% on your monthly energy bills by making a few simple efficiency upgrades, says Jeff Wilson, a ‘Do It Yourself’ expert who’s hosted more than 200 episodes on stations like HGTV.

First, replace your old incandescent light bulbs with longer lasting, and now more affordable, LEDs. “They have great light quality,” says Wilson. “They’re dimmable and will save you between 70 and 90% on energy costs. The trim just pops out on your ceiling canned lights, you unscrew the bulb, and just screw in the LED adapter, and plug it into the back of the new light housing! And four springs hold it in.”

While many of you are probably already aware of these energy-efficient LEDs, something you probably haven’t heard of before is a shower-drain heat recovery unit. Sound complicated? It’s not! This device reuses the heat from water that runs down the drain by collecting it in a separate coil.

 “The used water is piped around a main copper pipe. The heat that’s in the shower water is transferred to the incoming cold water line. That means you’re going to use less hot water from your hot water tank to take your shower. (About) 40 percent less hot water,” Wilson explains.

This heating system can be installed for less than $400 and pays for itself in less than two years! Spend a dime now. Save a quarter later. And take more steamy hot showers!

Finally, new spray-coated insulator is helping homeowners keep the heat in during the winter, the cold in during the summer, and energy prices down across the board. Kits are available for ‘Do It Yourselfers’ for around $200. Spray the coating around door frames, in the basement, attic – anywhere you think there might be a leak.

Some, like Wilson, are even coating their entire homes in this new insulator, creating an energy force field! “It’s far more effective than other insulation,” he says. The stuff comes in two tanks that mix together. It goes on wet, and when it cures, it expands to six times its size, and it’s inert when it’s cured, so it’s safe. When you’re spraying it on, you want to wear protective gear, but once it’s cured, it’s a highly effective insulator and air sealer.”

After adhering to these three tips, Wilson has reduced energy costs on his 70-year-old home by a whopping 85%! But you don’t have to be as extreme as Wilson. Listening to even one of these tips will help you save money while simultaneously cutting down on your carbon footprint.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving! You’re letting your hard earned money go to waste as you read this very sentence!

Truly Yours,
Ana Shell


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