Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Check out what NRGLab is up to

Check out how NRGLab is revolutionizing the way the world looks at energy by visiting our website at nrglab.asia. Did you know that agricultural waste, biomass, and natural gas can be utilized as low-emission fuel?  Well, it’s true!

We’re recycling coal in Indonesia, engine sludge in Malaysia, and rice husks in Malaysia into eco-friendly diesel fuel. In Singapore, for example, NRGLab is able to recycle 2,000 tons of waste into an average of 700 m3 of fuel on a daily basis. Plus, we’ve strategically partnered with Viscoil Holdings (www.viscoil.com) to service all of South East Asia, ensuring that the future of recycling is a bright one no matter where you live!

Our innovative Gasification Program has been proven to operate at a reduced cost compared to conventional gasification methods, while providing a source of clean, reliable, and affordable green-energy for developed, or developing countries.

But that’s not all NRGLab has to offer. We’re currently demonstrating to a number of governmental bodies that oil, coal, and gas are 3 times more expensive to produce than NRGLab’s carbon-free SH Boxes. By converting energy from geothermal heat, you could be paying as little as $0.03 per kW with one of our electrical generators!

In other science news, NRGLab has developed the patent-pending “Eco-SV” Method for increasing the efficiency of gas turbine generators. Performance tests have proven conclusively that we can boost electrical efficiency levels by 20-30%!

So stop wasting money. Stop wasting energy. Stop contributing to the staggering level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Join NRGLab in the impending energy revolution!

Truly yours,
Ana Shell

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