Thursday, March 21, 2013

NRGLab Feb.5 Auction Report

We had such an interesting and fun event at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. At the beginning of the evening we asked everyone a question - whether our guests would like to see the extreme tests of our SH-boxes and cells. And we heard from all of them: "Yes", "Yes", "Yes". At the request of many participants, who wanted to have more time for Due Diligence, we agreed to postpone the Auction to April. You can follow the latest news and events on our website (

Pop star Mika Newton performed throughout the evening. A presentation on the Singapore electricity market was made by Mr. John Lee of Solbing Filippi Consulting. Roger Lee gave a marketing presentation. There were many questions from the audience. Ana Shell covered highlights of the legal issues by arrangement with TSMP law corporation. Our Singapore partner Mr. Chan involved in SH-6 pod production discussed our cooperation and machining process.

After this, with the help of our volunteer Zac, we have demonstrated the process of making our power cells in front of a group of potential licensees.

Moving now to the second part of the evening, we went to our offices in the production area. We brought champagne and Coca Cola with us to continue the celebration and conduct some extreme tests on our SH-6 cells.

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  1. Sounds like the auction was a great time. I wish I could've been there. Would have enjoyed seeing those coca cola tests! I'm hoping you guys are able to license this tech all over the world. I think it desperately needs it.

  2. Little do people know that it's the lesser-known and third-world countries pumping the most carbon into the atmosphere nowadays. It's all because they're left trying to play catch-up with the rest of the industrialized world. Sounds like your SH technology might give them the opportunity to catch up without having to pollute the world to do so.