Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our role in global economical crisis

It’s time to call the economic global crisis by its rightful name – death. That may sound harsh, but it’s meant to convey a point. As a group of managers and scientists at NRGLab (, we ask ourselves: “How can we escape this death?” We want to move towards stability, which is built on cost-efficient energy. We want our customers to join us in building this kind of stability and personal wellbeing. We’re giving them an opportunity to buy energy at the lowest possible price without the need for a third party.
Ana Shell

Now, the whole world has to pay for the beautiful lives people have enjoyed. We need to pay off the loans we took out to buy non-renewable energy, which we wasted so enthusiastically. Intoxicated with happiness, we taught the entire world how to live ‘right’. We killed those who refused to follow our rules. We wanted to make money on everything, everywhere, from our citizens and neighbors, and from citizens of countries far, far away. Greed was the main motivator. We ended up with no happiness and no energy. Whose fault is that?

I believe we are all to blame. Greed (or so called “progress”) was birthed by primitive insecurity. Man is physically weak, but strong in his fantasies. Man is foolish, but his pride tells him he’s a genius. Man is cruel, but he has convinced himself that all of his decisions can be justified. Man is helpless, but sees himself as a hero. Man needs energy, because energy makes him happy. Man gets cold and he needs energy to feel warm. Man is afraid of darkness – so he seeks the sanctuary of light. Man is lacking in intelligence – so he builds the personal computer. In our current society, energy is wood, coal, oil, gas, uranium, etc. People rob nature in order to loan energy out to others. And because everybody needs energy to feel happy, people are willing to pay for it -- even if they’re forced to borrow.

Lenders rob nature and sell energy and its derivatives to get wealthier, and wealthier. They try to make fools out of people just to make their ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes that much quick. They threaten, intimidate blackmail, wage war, kill, and violate human rights in order to make people buy more. More! These lenders justify their actions with claims of humane and noble goals, but in reality, all they do is rob. They destroy the world while promising, “Progress.”

The idea of greed is quite simple. It’s an obsessive belief that there’s always something to be gained. There’s always more. Grow one dollar into a billion; one individual obligator into an entire country in debt. Consequently, lack of gain is seen as evil. The whole western civilization is built upon these beliefs. Creditors have their own systems that propagate larger energy consumption and advertise material wealth. Our economic system is based on never-ending accumulation of energy and money, on constant production and productivity growth, on ever-increasing supply and demand, and so on and so forth.

We are now saying enough! Stop! We’re now crying, “No!” to this energy accumulation race. NRGLab brings cost-efficient energy to the world. We are willing and able to give enough energy to people and countries so they’ll never have to borrow it again.

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  1. Yeah, I really don't think you're underselling it when you use the word death to describe the current chaos that is the world's financial situation. All you hear is how much one country owes another. How worse the imbalance of wealth is getting. And TV and the government just wants us to keep spending and spending money we don't have on things we don't really need. But I'll tell you what, we definitely need things like heat. And electricity. That's something worth investing in.